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It was over 2000 years since the fateful day that had changes her life forever. She had been playing with friends when the joy of the summer day got the better of her and seeing her reflection in the water she said look "Am I not prettier that Aphrodite!". The goddess overhearing this was incensed and turned her into a see monster and to ensure there would be no escape from her pain she made her immortal!
Being the only one of her kind she wandered the oceans pining for love but all mortal men feared her or were repulsed! Then two years ago she came upon a shipwreck by a deserted island she know well. Searching for some trinkets she found a man so weak but alive. He was too weak to run and she helped him, brought him water and fresh fish. Over the months their friendship bloomed and she felt happy for the first time in 2000 years.
Every night she would return to her lair on the ocean floor and every morning bring him fresh fish and he would cook it and they would share the catch together.
But all good things must end! One day returning the in morning, she say a large sailing ship, turning round she saw her love in a row boat being taken away. She panicked and forgetting all she know of the mortal world she snatched him from the boat and took him down to her lair on the ocean floor, he struggled but she held him tight then he struggled no more! Now everywhere she goes she carries with her all she has left of her lost love!

Stock credits:
Model :iconnirelstock:
Octopus :iconstickfishies-stock:
Ocean/rocks :iconm3-productions:
Sky :iconelisafox-stock:
Waves :icongrace-stock:
Skull :icon9mm-stock:
Bird brush :iconredheadstock:
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Submitted on
February 25, 2009
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